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Our tower defense game "Hooman invaders" plunges you straight in the middle of a conflict where everything is at stake, namely the very survival of the noble orc horde that you, as a gamer, have the sacred duty to protect and steer towards undisputed victory against the vicious and relentless "Hooman invaders". No small task, by any means, but in the end a most rewarding endeavor and indeed a privilege once the enemy has been destroyed and peace restored. So, ready the troops, load the cannons and hit them with everything you've got! To victory!" Hooman Invaders is a FREE tower defense game developed by ASSIST Software in Suceava, Romania. The game is available for Android, iOS, WebGl and currently working to release it also on Facebook.

The story so far

The story so far Read the story
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Become a seasoned champion and make your name stand out on the player leaderboard! Defend your title and the realm and keep having fun, the warrior's way!


Hooman Invaders

Gabriel Tironeac

Gabriel Tironeac

Our tower defense game "Hooman Invaders" plunges you straight in the middle of a conflict where everything is at stake, namely the very...

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About us

We are ASSIST Software and we are a small passionate team from Suceava, Romania. We love mobile games and this is our first tower defense game. There is a lot to improve so we hope that with help of your feedback will make this game one of the best classic tower defense game out there. Please free to check out our other projects that we're proud of, and connect with us through social media links below.


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Support email address hooman-invaders at assist dot ro.